What do we need to provide to have a string quartet at our wedding?


Shade is our most important requirement. We have instruments that are sensitive to the sun and rain (and very expensive!). We require a shaded area of 3x3 metres (note that this is the size of shade required, not the size of the canopy or umbrella). An Ezi-up with sides attached is ideal, or a large tree, umbrella, gazebo or covered courtyard (take into account the angle of the sun)

Please note that we can't play in the rain (even a light drizzle) unless properly covered, so a rain plan is strongly advised. In our confirmation form we ask for confirmation that you have organised this for your event.

In some cases wind can be a problem, we usually bring pegs to hold our music in place. However, very strong wind means that we may not be able to play outside. 



We just need 4 armless chairs for a quartet (or 3 for a trio). If you have trouble with this please get in contact with us and we will bring our own chairs. 



For performances in the evening, we require suitable lighting (enough to read by). If you have trouble with this, please contact us and we will bring our own lights. 



Do you take music requests?

We consider requests on a case by case basis. Requests are dependent on being able to source the sheet music. There is a small fee for requests (to cover printing, sourcing the music, learning music etc). Some pieces are not suited for a string quartet and we will advise if this is the case. Some requests may require extra rehearsal (which incurs an extra fee) We will also advise if this is the case. In most cases we can comply with your music requests.


Can you play Pachelbels Canon?

Yes! we know this piece of music very well.  


Should we choose our own music for our wedding ceremony?

Yes, we do prefer if you choose the pieces for your wedding ceremony. We usually ask for a request for your processional, the signing of the register and the recessional. However, we are happy to choose music for the rest of the time based on what style you prefer (baroque, classical, romantic, jazz, rags, pop, spanish). If playing for an event we are happy to choose music based on what mood you are after. 


Don't hesitate to ask for suggestions if you are not sure what you would like. We are happy to talk this through with you.


What are some popular requests for a wedding ceremony?

Walking down the Aisle (Processional) - Pachelbels Canon, Bridal March (Wagner), Salut D'Amor (Elgar),

Signing of the Register - Serenade (Haydn), Spring (Vivaldi), Arioso (Bach), Spanish Eyes (Kaempfert), Yellow (Coldplay), Embraceable you (Gershwin), Pastoral from Christmas concerto (Corelli), Meditation (Massenet)

Exit (Recessional) - Wedding March (Mendelssohn), Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (Handel), Hornpipe (Handel)


What do you usually wear to a gig?

We take pride in our visual presentation and our usual dress code is formal all black wear. We are happy to accomodate if you would like us to dress in something lighter or brighter. Just let us know and we will try to accomodate your request. We also try to keep our music nice and tidy with matching black folders.


Can you play with/accompany a singer or instrumentalist?

Yes we can, provided we have the music. In most cases we will have to have an extra rehearsal for this which will incur an extra fee. 


What do we need to do to confirm a booking?

Fill in our booking confirmation form at

When you have received confirmation from us that we are available we are pretty much booked in. 

We send an invoice about 2 weeks before your event which can be paid either before your event or up to 1 week after. 


If you are unable to play will I get a refund?

We charge for the time we are booked to be at the venue. If we are unable to play due to bad weather etc we cannot provide a refund. If we cannot play through a fault of our own then a full refund will be given.


Do you charge extra for set up time? How long do you need to set up?

We do not charge extra for set up time, this is included in the initial fee. We arrive 15 - 30 minutes before our scheduled start time to set up.


What are your break requirements?

We usually take a break of 5 to 10 minutes every hour. 


Can you move from one location to another?

Yes we can, just allow 5-10 minutes for us to set up again (you can speed things up by having chairs in both locations). 


What venues have you played at before?

We have played at many venues all over Auckland. Including (but not exclusive to)

Mantells - Mt Eden
Cassels - Swanson
Auckland Domain
Auckland Botanic Gardens
The Wharf - Northcote
Cornwall Park and Restaurant - Greenlane
Bracu Simunovich Olive Estate - Bombay,
Gracehills - Kumeu,
Settlers Country Manor - Waimauku,
St Matthews Church - Auckland CBD,
St Benedicts Church - Auckland CBD,
St Michaels Church - Remuera,
Auckland Music in Parks 2006,
Antoines Restaurant - Parnell,
Alberton House - Mt Albert,
Highwic House - Newmarket,
The Floating Paviilion - Auckland Viaduct,  
Ascension Vineyard - Matakana,
Bridgewater Estate - Kaukapakapa,
Telstra Clear Events Centre - Manukau
Ellerslie Racecourse - Ellerslie